Monday, April 20, 2009

Give away!!!

This purse is the second prototype from Sew Beautiful Designs. That is a fancy way of saying, I designed my own purse cuz I couldn't find one I liked and I made a second one just because.

However, if you like this purse you can win it!

The outside is from Tanya Whelan's Ava Rose collection, and the inside is a pale pink. It can be reversed as there are no raw edges on the inner part of the purse however you would see the stitching when flipped.

The strap is long enough that you can wear it simply over your shoulder or put it over your head for a secure side position. The purse is actually more round than it appears but I put a rectangular book in it to give it dimension and it squared the edges.
To win:
Please leave me a comment on this post and put a number at the bottom of your comment in order of when your comment was left (i.e. if you made the first comment put a number 1 after your wording). April 27th I will draw from the numbers and then announce the winner.
Thanks so much for supporting my hobby!
- Shara


LaurieLC said...

You are so talented! I can almost sew a button ;)

mom2four said...

You look great! And of course the purse does too or I wouldn't be trying to win it :) 2

amanda said...

oh that looks SO cute!! i wish i could sew!!(if you want to make it easy on yourself you can use to pick the winner. you just type in the range and it 'randomly' gives you the number)

4thgeermama said...

Oh to win a Shara Pierce original!!!


How fun is this? #5

Kori said...

Very nice, Shara!
I wanna play!

Laura said...

me too me too!

you can access that random number generator (if you want)


Melissa said...

I'm playing too...cause I like it :)


Niki said...

That purse is totally rad. Nice job, Shara! 9

award7 said...

Grandma Doris would be proud! :) #10