Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

A 5 year commitment to anything is a big deal these days. 5 years of marriage is really something to celebrate! It's the wooden anniversary (explain that one). It's the anniversary when you're supposed to get a set of silverware...I guess you're supposed to eat with plastic before then.

Can I just tell you that I LOVE my husband! 5 years ago when we got married he took care of all the arrangements, found the site and the band and all the details. I simply picked out my dress had my hair done and showed up. It was beautifully stress free. Today he does all the hard workin' while I stay home and do the world's best job as mommy to our three little ones.

When it comes to present picking, I've learned in these short 5 years that the best way to please Mr. Incredible is to get him exactly what he asked for. No surprise gifts, absolutely NO useless golf junk, and don't try to guess what he wants, you'll just get it wrong. So this year when asked he said he would really like to have these flavor enhancing glasses made by Samuel Adams. So guess what he got?

And what did I get in honor of this momentous occasion? Guess:

And the camera that goes with it, but I didn't have it yet in this picture!

Happy Anniversary love of my life! I am so blessed to be married to you!


Reformed Texan said...

I love you too!!!! Thank you for the present.


Happy 5th Anniversary! Love the Jordan's

Melissa said...

We are going to have to come over for a double blind taste test to see if those glasses REALLY do what they say they do :)

Happy day to you two.

LaurieLC said...

That's awesome! Happy Anniversary!! Danny and I go with the practical gifts for the house, not sure why...First year, gutters; second year, recliners; third year, trips home (we were living in Nevada). Somewhere in there we bought our second house as an anniversary gift lol