Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Olympics

Welcome folks to the 2010 winter games. Today you will see, dirt track racing, frisbee throw, ballon race, and ballon bounce. Lets check in now with our reporter, Salli.

Thank you Chuck. Right now we are awaiting the start of the dirt track race. We have two fine competitors. Note their sophisticated running attire. Clearly they have been training for at least five minutes in preparation for this race. And they're off!

And it's Mr. Incredible by a flip flop. Wow what an exciting race!

Next on to Sandra with the ballon races. Thank you Chuck. What we have here is a sport dating back to the time when latex balloons were invented. This sport takes dedication, determination, and a willingness to look like a fool on the world wide web. The race has started.

Wow, look at the form executed here. There has been some serious training going on. Oh, and it's Shara to the finish line first.

Now we go to Samantha for the balloon bounce. Thank you Chuck. This is a sport that is truly for everyone. Our competitors are Boo Boo Princess and Nator.

It looks like Boo Boo Princess will take the gold! What a proud moment for her.

And finally we have the frisbee toss. Checking in now with our reporter Stephanie. Chuck we are on pins and needles out here awaiting this last game of the evening. Will the gold go to Shara, Mr. Incredible, Boo Boo Princess, or the only one who has yet to win gold at these games, Moosekat. The stadium is silent as we wait with baited breath for the games to begin.

And the other competitors are in SHOCK Chuck! Moosekat has won his first ever gold! The crowd goes wild!

Well there you have it folks! Another successful olympic year!


Nicole said...

Wow...aren't you creative! That was quite entertaining!

Phil and Danielle said...

What I cute idea! We have been staying up way too late watching the games! Hope all is well!